Abstract Photography by Arthur Jacob 


“Arthur Jacob’s work is inspiring, refreshing, intriguing and a delicious experience for all the senses.  The bold colors and movements in his pieces are exciting and jubilant.  By the use of his subject matter and unique interpretation of them, the viewer is literally drawn into it’s magic!  As an interior designer, I love to use Arthur Jacob’s works to put the finishing touch to a specific space!” - 2011 
    Becky Najafi, De Atelier Design Group, featured designer in Luxury Magazine,
    Las Vegas, Nevada, April, 2011
 and one of several designers featured in Dream
   Homes Desert: A showcase of the Finest Architects, Designers &
 Builders in
    Las Vegas, Palm Springs & New Mexico
, 2007, published by Panache. 

"Your works are breathtaking. I have seen a few artists try to do what you have accomplished but you have pulled it off." - 2011   Jonathan Steele, Abstract Photographer  and lecturer
“Through the mastery of technical means, Arthur Jacob reinvents the living and characterizes it; demonstrating the reality through warm colors . . . inviting us to pure participation of the extension he exercises in his art.”  - 2008     Emanuela Catalano, Dott. Prof. Storica dell ‘ArteDocente di Storica dell ‘Arte e
            conservazione dei Beni Cuturali, Florence, Italy
"Arthur Jacob tests the limits of photography, deconstructing reality in swirling patterns and a spectrum of glowing colors that render the known world mysteriously new." - 2006
    Ed McCormack, Managing Editor, Gallery & Studio Magazine, New York, NY  Sept./Oct., 2006